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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)
Død Snø 2

Fuck excuses, learn to admit that you fucked up and made a mistake.

I’ma own this here gift, even if it doesn’t fit in the box that’ll bleed these folks…

Subeta Bullshit At Work

I’m not much for chiming in when it comes to Subeta Drama, but this time I can’t stay silent and see this bullshit happening. 

I ain’t an artist, can’t draw to save my life, but I’m not blind in seeing what is pretty damn clear of being art theft. 

This isn’t the first time Subeta takes someone else’s work and tries miserably to pass it off as there own. What Subeta does to take the heat of things is release more things to cover up what they know is wrong.

One that stands out is the Subeautique Line RoQ Candy Loish which was a copy of the fantastic art piece done by Loish


Did they ask Loish before hand to use her art on Subeta? No, no they sure did not ask her. It wasn’t until someone commented on her art that she realized what happened. 

Then come holiday items, you know fancy clothing that comes out like Gingerbread Bow, Gingerbread Dress and Gingerbread Apron that look like the Gingerbread Girl Costume that was around WAAAAAY before Subeta made the clothing items:


I’m pretty sure they didn’t get permission from these clothing companies to use their stuff as art of the site. 

There are SO MANY clothing items that are pretty much replicas of what OTHER PEOPLE have made that Subeta has taken without their permission and used it as their own. 

Now they’re doing it to Adam and my gawd Subeta, that is even a bigger low. Adam has made VALID points to everything concerning the art in question.

It’s fuckin sad to see a site that I once enjoyed turing into this shit and becoming a money hungry site, screwing over its users, and acting as though they can do no wrong. 

Some of the images I’ve used as my phones wallpaper…


What We Do in the Shadows